Cults don’t sell dogma — no, they sell belonging. So should you, at least if you want to buidl a cult in crypto (projects that start as cults & prove themselves over time have a shot to make it to the mainstream!).

Step 1. Determine Your Difference

What makes you special?

What do you do or sell to people?

Why it’s better than viable alternatives?

What’s the core belief behind the project, the BIG WHY?

Answer these questions to recruit followers!

Step 2: Target potential evangelists for your vision

Choose your marketing channels according to where your potential evangelists spend their time at. …

Sometimes the Underdogs Win the Most

Humans were born to take risks. From the very first step to the final descending to the grave, your life is a series bets in the form of energy, time & money into various things. Here’s 4 reasons why those bets in your money category should be Satoshi Street Bets:

1. Be your own f*cking Bank

Manipulation of big banks & government combined with regulations? Do you want Institutions to tell you to whom & where you can send your money in 2021?

I’m personally tired with having my money held hostage by banks. …

Hoge Finance Bulldog with Sunglasses

The headline starts with ‘7 Ways’ because people tend to click those. It’s actually 10 ways so you get 3 extra as a cherry on top. Going straight to the point, this is how you build a healthy community-based blockchain project:

1. Point out a problem and start solving it. Make the first people entering the community aware of the real value of your fix. Make them understand it enough so that they can spread the word further. …

Well, the answer is dead simple. Just invest in projects that are fixing what is broken. The end. LOL.

But seriously, let’s take a look at how these huge problems:

If you didn’t know, yield farming is

A) a whale game where you need to figure when to dump before the others
B) causing small projects to be dumped close to zero

The classic ‘they come, they eat, they leave’. Naturally, it is a good thing when a project is not anything special — bad projects don’t deserve long-term price appreciation.

Yet, we’ve seen projects with extremely high-quality development and…

If you read my last post, you alread know that a“shitcoin” named TOAD is solving the yield farming inflation problem by getting rid of low liquidity and huge emission rate at the same time. Some believe this will revolutionize yield farming — lets find out why.

TOAD decided to offer decentralized liquidity, releasing all liq to the community and people farm to get LP-tokens as rewards. There is no possibility for a rug pull from the team: The only scenario for the a rug is all LP providers to pull their liquidity out simultaneously. A very unlikely scenario if the…

Toad Network $TOAD is a lowcap gem with $HOGE main developer. It is developing a totally new way of yieldfarming and is not a fork. In it’s core, it is a rugproof system with decentralized liquidity. In order to rug, everyone holding should decide at the same time to shoot their own leg — a very unlikely event indeed. Here is their twitter:

Homepage view of Toad.Network

“In most projects, the team holds a large amount of liquidity and promise to lock it for a certain period. …


In search of undervalued investments

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